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How can I create an account

2018-08-14 05:57

Create an account from App

To open your Kilimall account from App, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to account centre by click the right top icon

2. Tap "Log in" Icon

3. You can choose "Sign Up via Email" as illustrated. Or you can sign up through mobile phone. Please be noted you have to get code via SMS before fill in your password.

4. Fill in your email and password. Make sure your email address was not used for another Kilimall account.

5. Now you registered successfully, and we recommend you tap "Fill Now" to give us more information about you and we will give you several cash rewards after you do that.

6. Fill in your phone number in right format and this number never been used for another Kilimall account, then tap "Get code" button, you will receive a SMS message, just copy the code from the message and paste it into the blank. Then tap verify button to proceed. Please be noted that it may takes several seconds to receive SMS due to the different telecom companies, so please keep patient or try to re-send the code.

7. Fill in the referral code if you have or just skip it.

8. Tap your interested categories and submit it. You could select more than one category.

9. Tap your gender and select your age range, then finish the whole registration process.

10. You will see your default username at account center and the initial cash rewards amount.

Account Settings

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